Tuesday, April 21, 2009
I feel like I'm walking along a slippery, slushy sidewalk, where every step could be disastrous if I were to actually slip and come crashing down. Life is funny. The highs and lows, that is. Things have seemed better the past couple of weeks, but now not so much again. I don't ever want to leave the reality of my life completely out of this blog, so without sharing too many details in this public place, know that with every blog post about a happy moment in what seems from the post to be a perfect day where the souls of mother and child are forever connected, there are also moments mixed in where it's really tough and I don't know how I'm going to get through. Having said that, in this recent crisis I am referring to, I feel hopeful that Western medicine will once again improve things for us around here. Hope right now is a mental choice for me, but I can feel deep down inside that it's the right one. For now, I must go to bed before Juni wakes me up once again at 5:30am. Before I go, know that I will gladly share details with my friends and readers--just send me an e-mail, okay?



Anonymous said...

Hey Karli,
Is everything OK?? I'm thinking about you! I LOVE reading your blog - I can relate so much! Isn't "four" pretty great?? And "one" can be pretty tough, but still adorable!!

Betsy said...

Karli - I will for SURE be praying for your and your family, whatever the situation is. I absolutely know the ups and downs, along with the frustrations of what Western medicine can or can't do for us. I constantly have to remind myself that Doctors "Practice" medicine. I want them to know what it is and fix it, damn it! Hugs to you, Betsy

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