Our Lost Chick

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We only had this little chick for about a month when she disappeared the first night we had them outdoors. I feel terribly about it, and it really is my fault. We think something must have reached in and grabbed her or she got out during the night and a predator found her. The problem was the 2 x 4" wire on the new chicken ark was still a large enough opening for the chicks to fit through. So this chick, my favorite, and one I was sure was a hen, is now gone, and I will be replacing her with another one or two next week when another shipment of Bantam chicks arrives at Pistils. I'm a little heartbroken as well that two of our four chicks are most likely roosters, and I'm dreading the day I have to drop them off at Linnton Feed & Seed, where someone will most likely pick them up for food. I'm actually considering finding them a home on Craigslist, first, but usually no one wants extra roosters for fun. Chicken keeping is no easy task--there are predators, rats, and lead to think about, just to name a few, and I'm learning as I go (most of the time the hard way!).


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