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Friday, April 10, 2009

It's been many years since I've browsed an Anthropologie, and I've been missing out big time! Today I picked up some vintage hooks from there with which I'm pretty much in love and don't see that feeling being demoted to like anytime soon. It's the kind of thing where every time I walk by the already-mounted hooks, I congratulate myself on the selection and can't help but notice how it seems like they were always meant to be there.

Anthropologie is the sort of store where you don't even have to find the right spot for their products necessarily. The work has already been done for you. Everything they carry is pretty much made to look like that antique for which you've spent months of weekends searching, and their clothing looks like all the sorts of things you'd like to make for yourself. Wherever you put their stuff, it will brighten a room like nothing else.

I picked up a replication of an aged, vintage vase today as well, and can't wait until the flax seeds sprout that I've planted. I'm pretty much in love with flax flowers (and anemones and hellebores, to name just a few). It'll be a nice addition to the other indoor plants in the living room, and I love bringing a little perennial growth into our living space, though I do most of my perennial gardening outdoors. I plan to start working on an outdoor flax patch soon as well!

You love it, too? I thought you would.

Before I picked up the vase and hooks, I stopped off at Landon's work to say goodbye to some of our friends, as today was their last working day (Monday they will have their exit interviews).

I gotta say, though I'm not brave enough to sport pink jeans and a Miss Kitty t-shirt, I love that Landon's coworker Kristina does. Nothing like embracing Spring in all its glory.

It was a day of goodbyes and endings for Landon and his coworkers. There will be new beginnings in store for each employee. Even if they don't yet know where they will end up, good things are ahead. New companies will be built, opportunities in the job market will come up, and others will pursue the dreams they never thought they would get the chance to. It's the end of something really good and something rare in a work environment, but the people that made the Portland office what it was will go on to do great things. I will miss having all of you in our daily lives!


Claudia said...

Love the pot! and also the hook...

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