Thursday, April 16, 2009

Juniper, summer of 2008. Her "I love rainbows" t-shirt and chubby thighs are memories of her I'll always carry close.
Today was one of those afternoons I don't ever want to forget. I unburied part of an old sidewalk in our backyard, where I found lots and lots of juicy worms, much to Sam's delight. We brought the chicks outdoors, now nearly a month old, where they scratched and pecked for hours in the warm sun. Once Sam discovered the chicks ate bugs, he brought them as many as he could, which they gobbled up merrily. Juniper got her hands dirty playing in the big hole I made in the yard, then eventually took off her shoes and got her toes all dirty, too. She doesn't seem to be interested in insects or worms like Sam, but instead tries to mimic what she sees me doing in the yard. She follows me around, and sometimes, when I'm pulling weeds, she comes up behind me and hugs my back as tight as she can. We stayed outside all afternoon, and then some friends came by, and Landon made us a chicken salad that was better than any salad I can remember eating before. This evening, I'm drinking a pint at a local pub, thinking about my day, and looking forward to many more sunny afternoons in the weeks and months ahead. My little ones will only be 4 and 1 once, and I hope to make the most of it.


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