Little Red Shoes

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I don't think I ever want to forget Juniper's little red shoes with scuff marks from before she knew how to walk. I'd just bought these shoes for her when she crawled along the sidewalk in front of our house, scuffing them up in the process. I think the scuff marks made those little red shoes all the more endearing to me at the time. This is Juni's first Spring as a walker, and a time that you only get to experience with your kids once--where they are seeing everything for the very first time. These little red shoes represent to me her first months at walking, so once she's outgrown them, they will go into an honorary bin for Sam and Juniper's clothing items from which I can never part. I do love those little red shoes, and the little girl who wears (and scuffs) them.


Claudia said...

How sweet Karli!!!! She is growing so fast!!

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