I Love Four

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Four has got to be my all-time favorite age. If it gets better than four, then I'm in for a lucky surprise. Three was a hard year. Between the year-long potty training and the insane tantrums, I was ready to check myself into OSH more than once.

But now here he is: Sam Kuhn, the thoughtful, sweet, sensitive, inquisitive boy who picks his Mommy dandelions and exhibits patience with his baby sister, who constantly wreaks havoc on his projects. He is at the age now where moments of weakness constitute whining, pouting, or a hunchback, but most of his moments are about learning and figuring out this big world he was born into. He recently kept me company on a road-trip to fetch the chicken coop and run, and when I got home, I thought to myself that I couldn't have asked for a better passenger. I love you, Sam!


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