Hellebore Love

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Every once in awhile after having had a particular plant for some time, I start to like it enough to buy more. My two-year old hellebore has had that effect on me, so today I went and bought three to add to my one, all of different varieties.

I wanted to get them into the ground this evening, but with the kids going to bed at 7PM, there isn't quite enough gardening time at the end of the day--at least not yet. It's possible I'll be able to plant them tomorrow while Sam is in preschool and Juniper is taking her morning nap. I can't wait to post pictures of my new hellebore patch!

If you haven't tried growing any of the many hellebore varieties, I highly recommend them as they are beautiful and one of the more hardy perennials. Nothing quite beats a long-lasting, hardy perennial--mine even survived the Portland snowstorm of 2008! Pronounced hel-ə-ˌbō(ə)r, it's a word so funny and cute that I've started to call Juniper my little hellebore. I will write more on hellebores when I post pictures (hopefully tomorrow).

Until then . . .


Claudia said...

It is a pretty looking plant~~you have become very educated on all the different kinds and varieties!!

I am very proud of you Karli Ann!!

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