Getting Into Spring

Friday, April 03, 2009

Part of appreciating each season I think requires engaging the five senses. Touching, smelling, seeing, listening, and tasting. During the big snow storm of 2008, we took many walks in the snow, forever sealing those days into our memory. I don't think I'll ever forget sledding with Sam or walking alone down Taylor's Ferry without a car in sight, the sky near dusk, with falling snow on my face--white as far as I could see. It felt like I was walking through a quiet, still forest, not down what's usually a busy street, inhabited by speeding vehicles, and known for being especially pedestrian-unfriendly. Yes, I'll never forget that third week of December, 2008.

Now, with winter gone, we are on to Spring. I often take the kids out for nature walks, where Sam collects things along the way to decorate our garden or lay on our indoor nature table. It's a way to get us appreciating nature in its seasons and noticing the little things along the way.

Mud puddles aren't something we can take home with us to our garden, but Sam always appreciates a good splash in a puddle when he's wearing his rain boots. With all the hills, we don't have many puddles in our neighborhood, but this particular puddle had some nice, thick mud with which Sam engaged his boots. When we came home, we had a nice little nature collection that we left beneath one of our lilac bushes. I think there was St. John's Wart, a few leaves, a couple of pink petals, and a worm. Happy Spring, everyone!


Claudia said...

How much fun!!! I wish I could run and splash in puddles -- pain free and just enjoy life!!

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