Feels Like Summer

Monday, April 06, 2009

What a taste of summer in early April here in Portland today! It's 74 degrees outside right now--my tulips are in full bloom, drinking in the sun rays, and Sam and Landon are on a bike ride. Juniper is wearing her first little summer outfit of the year, though before I got it on her, she was walking around naked on our front porch, prompting many laughs and waves from people driving by in their cars.

Here she is inspecting the garden, something she has seen me do many times.

And here are the boys. We bought Sam a 3rd wheel today, and he is very excited that he is finally old enough to graduate from the Burley trailer to the 3rd wheel. This is Landon's first ride of the year, and his first ride since being sick, so he's taking it easy by riding down to Willamette Park, where I'll pick him up in an hour so he doesn't have to ride back up the hill. There are many bike paths down there as well to give Sam some practice in a safe place before we try a longer ride.

I love spring days like today! The Vitamin D feels great (reminder to self: take Vit. D supplements during the winter!). I've seen many people out for a run or riding by our house on bikes in shorts, or even men going topless this afternoon. There is a feeling of energy and life in the air. I plan to spend the afternoon offline--Juni and I are about to take the chicks outside for awhile. How are you spending this beautiful day?


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