Downtown Vancouver

Sunday, April 05, 2009

We took a family trip to Vancouver, WA today to have a look around the downtown area, as we'd never been there. With another beautiful day in the forecast, we packed up a few necessities and were on our way.

We first walked around Fort Vancouver, the former headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company. As I was walking around, I realized how much local history I still have yet to learn. I am planning to review Oregon and Washington history in the coming weeks. It's a shame I didn't appreciate and retain more history in grade school, but I didn't--too many other things were more important at the time (boys!). If you haven't been to Fort Vancouver, it's a great historical place to visit. The buildings are architecturally stunning.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Esther Short Park hanging out with friends while our kids played together on the playground. The Vancouver Farmer's Market takes place at Esther Short Park on the weekends. There was live music, and I have to admit, I was tempted by the tamale tent--the food there looked delicious!

And here is my handsome husband, who said he felt great today--something I haven't heard him say in two months. His health continues to improve, and we're starting to get out and about as a family again, which is a good feeling. This week will mark his last at his current company, which in a way feels like the end of an era. It's the job he got right out of college, the job that he got right before we got engaged, the job that he's had for eight years. His last day is Monday, then he'll have a week off before starting his new job the third week of April. It's going to be a time of transition in the upcoming months, but we are feeling optimistic and looking forward to what the future holds.


Claudia said...

Love, love, love the top picture with you and the kids!!!!

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