Coop for the Chicks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I rented a truck and put 300 miles on it today--all for our four little chicks. Sam and I left bright and early this morning on a road-trip to rural Oregon to pick up a chicken ark and run. He was great company, and really made the trip seem like an exciting adventure. I was super excited once I arrived and realized the chicken ark was exactly what I'd been looking for!

Since I'm not sure if we'll let our hens free-range or not (this is contingent on the results of lead testing on our soil), I purchased this additional run, which fits up against the chicken ark and provides plenty of square footage for two bantam hens. I asked to have the wire on the floor as well to make it extra predator-proof. The little door inside the run and to the left of this photo is the door to the ark, so we can contain them within the ark at night or just leave the run up against it. Best thing of all, the ark is easily movable, so I'll be able to give the hens a continual supply of fresh grass and bugs while spreading their manure around easily as well. I'm thinking I'll probably move it every two weeks or so.

I couldn't be more pleased with our chicken ark and run. Sam and I arrived on a little farm outside Philomath belonging to a newly married couple who are truly living a sustainable lifestyle. As I looked around their farm, I realized how small my efforts at sustainable living are in comparison to those that truly can live off the land. Even though my little yard is small, I still have big plans. If you are interested in keeping chickens, I can't recommend these coops and runs enough, which are built by Jesse Sullivan. He can custom-build them as well. Visit his farm's website, where you can find his contact info as well.


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