A Bunk Bed for Sam and Juniper

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bunk bed purchased and put together! What a big improvement it'll make in Sam and Juni's room. I plan to finish setting up their room tomorrow.

Sam's pretty happy about his new bunk-bed, though a little nervous on the ladder, and Juniper was pretty exclamatory over the whole new set-up as well. She doesn't have words, so kept yelling over and over again while pointing at the bunk beds. She'll sleep on the lower bunk as soon as I can track down a decent bed-rail. I need to get a comforter for her bed as well. I'll be posting their previous bed frames on Craigslist sometime this week (note IKEA bed frame to the right of the bunk).

I have plans to paint their bunk-bed and room in the upcoming weeks (or months!).

Going to bed early tonight . . . Happy April 1st!


Andrea said...

Fun! I'm excited to see how well you all like it because we have bunk beds for the boys and were thinking of putting them up this summer. I'm a little nervous about Sawyer trying to climb to ladder and then falling but it may just be fine.

The beds look great in the room!

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