Best Day Yet

Friday, April 24, 2009

I think today had to be the most beautiful spring day we've had so far this season. I spent the afternoon in the backyard with the kids and chicks, thinned out the lettuce and herb rows (I seem to get a little too impatient when sewing seeds, and inevitably always sew too many), and kept the roof cleaners company while they worked.

Our roof was in dire need of a cleaning. The two guys who removed the moss from our roof used wire brushes, and it took them nearly six hours to complete the job. No chemicals, no pressure-washing--only the wire brushes. I'd had two other bids before LDJ INC, and both companies wanted to use chemicals. Both companies also quoted me $100.00 higher than LDJ. I would recommend this roofing company to anyone! The guys that cleaned the roof were professional, friendly, took their time, and even cleaned out our gutters, even though I had stated this was unnecessary, which was part of what got me a lower quote. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of their work, and will now put LDJ in my file as the go-to company for all my roofing services (geesh, I should make a commercial).

Being in our backyard is so much more fun with the chicks. I don't have any regrets about adding them to our family. They really are relaxing to watch as they scratch and scavenge for grubs. This one, which I thought would surely be a girl in her newborn days, is now shoring up to be a rooster, as he/she has been involved in some cock fights (already!) with another chick, which I'm certain will be a rooster as well. I don't think hens every indulge themselves in such behavior, but I hope for their sake I'm proven wrong. I try not to think about the day when I have to drop them off in a hutch in front of Linnton Feed and Seed, which is there as a food source for people in need.

Today, while Sam and his best friend Garrett chased the chicks around and found more beetles, worms, and other bugs than I can count, Juniper was jumping off chairs, climbing up chairs, toppling over chairs, and falling off chairs. She went to sleep tonight clean after a nice, warm bath, but she also went to sleep with a scraped chin, a lump on the back of her head, and two sizable goose eggs on her forehead. She also has scrapes in various places on her legs & knees. She likes to sit on the ground, find all her scrapes, and say "Owww" in a soft, quiet voice for each one. Makes me chuckle just to think of it.


Claudia said...

You should video tape it Karli and put it on your blog/or her's!! How cute!!

Love the top picture of Samuel peeking in on the chicks. Makes me think of when you were young!!

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