When Landon was Sick

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The nights during Landon's illness, and especially the nights I spent at home alone with the kids while he was hospitalized, were exponentially challenging. With each passing day, my sleep deprivation became more and more severe, but somehow I plugged along and with the help of friends who watched Sam and Juniper on several occasions, I somehow made it through successfully.

One night, it was near Juniper's bedtime (this should be obvious from the photo), the kitchen was an absolute disaster, and I didn't think I could go on.

But an hour later, Juniper and Sam were fast asleep, the kitchen was somewhat clean and tidy, and Sam's preschool lunch was packed for the next day. I knew then that I could go on, but that I could only handle each day, one at a time.

Though the last month has been harder than I care to remember, it is reassuring for me to know the depths of my strength and stamina when circumstances call for it. Though my stress tolerance is higher now than it was a month ago, I still hope Landon and I never have to go through anything like that again. Now, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


MK said...

That was some hard time.

Claudia said...

Like you said Karli, just take one day at a time!! I can remember just sitting down and crying after you kids went to bed, with laundry to do, uniforms to iron, lunches to pack, a kitchen that looked like yours or worse, and a little baby to nurse a couple of times during the night, (no husband to help as you well know) and I DID NOT DO AS WELL AS YOU!!!!
You are a very good Mother Karli, and a good wife! It IS very, very hard sometimes in life but if you just take one day at a time, trust God to provide and do the best you can......that's all you can do!!
You are doing great!! Everyone has times like that so as we can really appricate the "good times!"
At times like that -- since you are SO GREAT AT BLOGGING AND DO SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB OF IT--look back on the times of the camp-out with the Celtic music or any of the other fun and wonderful times you have had as a family......but then at times like that you (I would be anyway) would be to tired to even search for them!!

I love you Karli Ann!!!

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