First Rest, Then Perspective

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
So tired tonight that not even the idea of zoning out on my wonderful Google Reader to catch up on all my favorite blogs appeals to me, so today's post must be brief. We are still riding the roller coaster of the layoff and discussing possible scenarios, which seem endless. The kids and I are nearly well again; I wish I could say the same for Landon. He's getting there . . . slowly. Whichever road this layoff takes us down, it will be a new road, a different road. If I hadn't been so happy with our life the way it was, it wouldn't be so difficult to remain open to all the new possibilities. It's hard to stay hopeful when so many of us have been sick. Once we are all completely well (Landon especially), I'm hoping we will feel more grounded in perspective and hope. For now, all I can do is rest.


Anonymous said...

True, dat.

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