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Sunday, March 22, 2009

When L didn't improve as we'd hoped this week, I started to feel a little depressed. I needed something else to focus on. Anything. Pistils. That's it. I'll go to Pistils with the kids and we'll look at the little chicks and get ideas for a veggie garden. To Pistils we went, and to my surprise, L agreed to go along to try to boost his energy levels as we were hoping that maybe he wasn't going through prednisone withdrawal at all, but was instead suffering from a case of laying in bed too much. With hopes the fresh air would do him some good, I started shifting my focus to the idea of maybe getting a few chicks, since I've been wanting to add a few hens to our backyard as another step towards sustainable living (we still have a long way to go). When Landon didn't resist, it took me only a few minutes to convince myself that this was as good as time as any to take on a few chickens. The employee who helped us pick out the chicks convinced me to get four as the chicks are unsexed at Pistils and I knew I wanted two to three hens (roosters can be later taken to Linnton Feed & Seed for rehoming). I wanted Bantams, even though their eggs are small, because I had them as a young girl and they were always my favorite chickens of all the breeds I tried raising. I was also a little concerned about the amount of chicken manure some large hens could produce, and since our backyard and garden areas are on the small side, I decided to keep any pet chickens on the small side as well. As soon as I made the decision to get some chicks, I instantly knew I'd made the right one. I felt excited, a feeling I hadn't felt in many months. This was just what I needed to push me out of the quagmire of stress and sadness that has plagued our household for the past two months. I had something else now to think about; something else to focus on (besides Sam and Juni, of course!). So now there are four little chicks in L's office peeping away and eating more food than I think is physically possible for their size. When you reach maturity as quickly as those chicks will, I guess eating is an all-consuming task. I will be posting pictures of our four chicks and details about their different varieties in the upcoming days.

Oh, and p.s.--L will call the doctor first thing in the morning as he hasn't improved at all over the weekend. We are starting to strongly suspect it is prednisone withdrawal, but since symptoms of Remicade for some people are similar, we'll know more tomorrow.


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