Ulcerative Colitis: A Disease Without Answers

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th, and this is my husband's hospital bed. Today marks the first day my husband was hospitalized for ulcerative colitis. It was just over three years ago when he was diagnosed on March 2, 2006. Every flare he has experienced has been linked to a stressful time in our lives. When he experienced his first flare, we were getting our house ready to put on the market and were dealing with stressful inspections due to some unpermitted work previous owners had done on the house that we were legalizing before we could sell our house. Sam had been sick nearly all winter, and in the midst of this time, L's first flare occurred. We had no idea what he had, and he went weeks untreated until he finally ended up in the ER and was diagnosed days later by a GI doctor after a colonoscopy. L seems to have a moderate case of colitis, that is for the most part managed with medication, though he still seems to experience on average two to three flares per year. Recently, when he found out about his upcoming layoff, he started to flare within days. We both believe now that L's flares are almost completely triggered by stress and anxiety. Since we've been going through one of the more stressful times in our lives, this flare has been worse than any others, even his first. Even Prednisone, which he reluctantly went on two weeks ago, has been mostly ineffective. When he took a turn for the worse this week, his doctor's office started the pre-authorization process to get him started on Remicade. He is being hospitalized until his flare is under control. I'm thinking of putting him on a diet after this, such as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to see if he can remain in remission once he pulls through this recent flare. Any diet suggestions or homeopathic remedies that have worked for those of you who suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease would be most appreciated. Prior to L's hospitalization, he was taking Boswellia, Wheat Grass, Aloe Vera Juice, and probiotics. I know way too many people with inflammatory bowel disease. My hope is that a cause for these horrible diseases will soon be discovered, and that autoimmune diseases in general will be better understood in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

this is probably a really silly idea, but I was reading that this condition is more prevalent in northern areas. It makes me wonder if it could be possibly related to sun exposure or vitamin D deficiency. I've talked to several people in the medical profession who strongly believe that in the next few years we'll discover how very very important Vit. D is.

I've also ran across places that talk about different foods having anti-inflammatory properties. It also seems that everywhere i turn some form of media is talking about the evils of sugars.

I hope he starts feeling better and that the stress levels start to drop off soon!


Betsy said...

Wow, Karli! I'm so sorry you guys are having to deal with this in addition to all the job stuff. I will definately be praying for Landon and for your family as I'm sure it's no fun having Daddy gone in the hospital.

Minjenah said...

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They have stolen from me as well. I am letting everyone I can know about this nimrod.

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