Saying Goodbye to March, Looking Ahead to Good Things in April

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Note to self: add "sleeping chicks" to my growing list of sweet things. The chicks have actually entered their awkward looking phase of adolescence, with down giving way to back feathers, they are a scraggly mess. Yet they are still chicks, and when they sleep, they are so sweet!

I ran across Our Victorian Home today on Reclaimed Home, and found it worth sharing here. Craig and Yvonne have done amazing restorative work on this Victorian in--get this--THREE YEARS. Mouse over the current pictures they've posted to see the before pics--their work really is quite amazing. Though I've always dreamed about buying and restoring a century (or two)-old house, I can't help but look at a project like this and think about how much knowledge and skill it takes to do so. I am in awe of the tile work on the fireplaces, and rerouting water pipes that previously were exposed in the dining room? Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed.

For now, I have my vegetable garden to protect (today I caught two squirrels digging up seeds!) and tend to (won't need to water for awhile), more weeds than I can count to pull, and a bunk bed to buy for the kids (I think I'm more excited than they are!). With the current state of the housing market (though Portland isn't doing too badly, our house hasn't appreciated as much as I thought it would in three years), our basement remodel and addition will have to be put off for at least a few more years. One way to enlarge the amount of space in their room (there are now two separate twin beds in a room designed for one) for a few more years is to get bunk beds. Not wanting to invest too much money and needing bunks that do not exceed a height of five feet (their bedroom has sloped ceilings), we are going with this MYDAL bunk bed sold by IKEA, which I hope to paint. Did I mention I'm excited? I'm also hoping to get a big bean bag for reading them books before bed, because Sam really loves bean bags, and it seems like an easy and unobtrusive way to add a seating area. Plus, they're cozy, right? Juniper will graduate from cosleeping to the lower bunk with some sort of added bed rail, and Sam will sleep on top. This means we will no longer read to him laying down in bed, hence the idea of adding a bean bag for upright reading instead. I have to do some more visualizing with my mind's eye tomorrow, but I think a bunk will open up the room and create more play and reading space for Sam and Juni. I think I might pick it up tomorrow!

L seems to be improving quite a lot since his 2nd dose of Remicade yesterday afternoon. It makes me happy to see glimpses of the old L returning. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but my hope is that with the last day of March (today), we can leave the past two months' troubles behind us, and embrace April with a fresh start.

Lastly, because I don't want to forget these things, and a 97 year old woman once told me to make sure I write these things down: Sam and Juni played together in Sam's room this morning for an hour without any complaints while I cleaned, and this afternoon, Sam had Juniper squealing in delight as he chased her through the house. No one can match the laugh of a 15 month old. I love how they are starting to play together; one of the big benefits to growing up with a sibling is having a childhood friend. I might mention that once the hour was up, I entered Sam's room to find all the books on the floor, puzzles dumped out, Juniper's dresser drawers and Sam's nightstand emptied, and two kids each in their own areas doing something interesting to them. For Juni, this was emptying. She loves emptying anything that can be emptied, including all the gum from their package in my purse. She then takes each piece of gum out of its wrapper and throws the unwrapped piece on the floor (she doesn't eat them). Sam, he likes looking at books and building robots and buildings. And so it was I found Juni sitting amongst the piles of puzzle pieces all mixed together and Sam with a bag of wooden blocks assembled into a robot.



Anonymous said...

...and then the cleaning started all over! it's never-ending! :-) Stefanie

Kelli said...

We're thinking of getting a bunk bed for our kids as well. They currently all sleep in a queen sized bed together, but will soon be too big to all fit! I'm thinking a bunk with a full on the bottom so that the girls can still sleep together with Cade on the top bunk. You'll have to post some pictures once you have it all set up!

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