A Reason to Celebrate

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Sam and I made coconut macaroons last week for a potluck with a few moms in our playgroup. They were so good I plan to make more for book-club Monday night, which I will be hosting. We'll be discussing The Riders by Tim Winton. So far, I'm absolutely captivated. Should lead to a good discussion, and I'm looking forward to it! Now that Landon is well enough to be returning to work tomorrow and has signed papers this afternoon to accept a local job offer, I have many reasons to celebrate with wine and macaroons!

And I must admit that I agree with Angry Chicken--when you have these, why leave the house?

Good thing I'm hosting.



Anonymous said...

Yum, Karli. Those look awesome. Are they gluten-free? I'd love the recipe. Glad Landon is better and that he has a new gig :)


Claudia said...

They look so good Karli!!
You want to know what is so funny??! When you kids were growing up I wanted you kids to learn to cook and tried to get you to bake and you were the one that never really wanted to --- along with babysitting......but guess what Karli??!! You are a ver good Mother and have turned out to be a very good cook AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ON THE SUBJECT AT THAT!!

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