Meet Our Bantam Chicks from Pistils Nursery!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
I'm feeling really good about my decision to take on some chickens, especially after doing a little research and finding movable chicken arks, such as this Folsham ark, which will not only enable us to keep our chickens contained, but also allow us the benefit of easily spreading their manure around the yard and garden by continually moving the ark. This will also give the hens a fresh supply of grass, bugs, and weeds to feed on as well. The last thing I want is a stationary coop that soon becomes a mud pit in our backyard! I was also interested in something small, but functional, as our yard size is limited and I have more ideas for it than a chicken coop! I'm sure we'll let our chickens free-range whenever possible, but I love the flexibility a chicken ark allows.

I've decided not to name these chicks until we know which ones we will be keeping. Our chicks were unsexed, so there is sure to be a rooster or two (hopefully not three) amidst our group of four. This one is an Old English Game Bantam, and I'm pretty sure she's a female. For some reason, I just intuitively know. We'll see.

Isn't she sweet? She's on the small side, but is eating and growing right alongside the others.

This sweetie was the fourth chick put into the box upon suggestion from an employee at Pistils that we take four in the hopes of gaining two hens. It is a golden-laced cochin, one of the more beautiful bantam varieties with feathered feet.

This one is a Belgian D'uccle Mille Fleur, and they grow up to be beautiful chickens. Here is a picture of an adult so you can see for yourself.

And last, but not least, our little Black Rosecomb Bantam. I feel certain this is a female as well.

This would be Juni's little finger pointing at the Rosecomb chick. "Yes, Juni, I know the chick is out of it's bin. I'm the one taking the picture, after all."

So, you've met our urban bantam chicks. They have found a good home, with the exception of any roosters, which will be given to Linnton Feed and Seed for rehoming once they've neared maturity and we hear those first crows. I will be posting lots more about our chicks in the upcoming weeks. I'm also determined to get started on our veggie gardens in the next couple of weeks as I have free time. Stay tuned!


the little travelers said...

love these! we were sold two hens once -and 6 months down the road one turned into a rooster! i send you henny penny vibes- those roosters are loud! even the hens are quite noisy at dawn but i love their sounds...although our neighbors were not quite so fond of it. haha...

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