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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

If you've never picked up a copy of one of the Cricket Magazines, you must do so! With magazines for all age groups, there is something for every member of the family. These magazines are creatively and thoughtfully arranged, and the art work is amazingly beautiful. Sam reads Ladybug, which is for ages 3 to 6 years, but Cricket also offers Click for 3-6 year olds, which is a science and exploration magazine. There are choices for each age group depending on your child's interest.

This month's March issue begins with a story about wind, and this picture captures a windy day beautifully, I think. The art work is bright and colorful, and the title, "What is It" uses words and illustration to provide clues for guessing what the picture is about (wind). Centering the magazine around March themes, weather patterns, activities, and related crafts gives your child many things to relate to as you read through the magazine with them. Sam and I especially loved the spread called "Mousey Housey" this month, which illustrates the kitchen of a mouse family, completely torn apart in the same way our own kitchen has been torn apart many times this past winter. The Mother mouse is baking and batter is spilling over onto the floor, one of her children is pulling milk out of the refrigerator, bread is burning in the oven, popcorn is popping all over the floor, various toys and crayons are scattered, and a flower pot has been knocked over. The caption says, "Can you spot all the messes that need tidying up?"

Then there's the section with a song that shows the musical staff, notes, and words . . . so well done! This month's song, by Mary Catherine Johnson, is called "Song for the World," a song about all the things we love about our world. We love the artwork in this section that frames the music, all images this month of the beautiful things we all love about the world. Later, Sam and I played around with the "Play the Piano" game on Ladybug's website and listened to the song there as well.

The section, "Yoga in the Garden," is another favorite, and Sam and I did the four yoga positions together in the living room this afternoon. I love how the writer of this section provokes a child's imagination during exercise, similar to meditation that adults strive for during yoga.

I realized today how important it is to exercise with your children and for them to learn from a young age that exercise is an integral part of our day to day lives--they love it! We had a great time doing the four yoga poses together, and again, the art work and images were amazingly done, and Sam easily followed along.

A new issue of Ladybug is always a treat at our house, and this month, Sam received an issue of Spider as well. Spider is actually a magazine for ages 6-9, but Sam still enjoys the stories, though some sections (e.g. the maze) are a little more challenging for him.

Sam had fun with the end-result of the four-page craft at the end of Ladybug, a swirling "Fantastic Flyer" made with dental floss (courtesy of a dentist that recently visited Sam's preschool). We were able to cut out two, so Sam is saving one for his best preschool-friend, Garrett. I love how the twirling paper craft related to wind and March kite-flying.

After we read through the magazine, Sam played the matching game, one of several interactive games on Ladybug Magazine's website. Check them out!

I learned today that Sam is a surprisingly good matcher! I will have to pick him up a few matching card games.

And so we've become Ladybug enthusiasts. You can sign up for free samples of any of the magazines in the Cricket Magazine family on their website. Order a sample or a subscription for whichever one is age-appropriate or of interest to your child--you won't be sorry! We love these magazines!


Mandy said...

Hi Karli,
I work for Cricket magazine and I can't thank you enough for your post. This is wonderful! I was hoping you'd give me permission to use the pictures in this blog to post on our customer section on our website. Please let me know and thanks again!

Mandy Sano
Marketing Programs Manager
603-924-7209 X260

Anonymous said...

WOW, Karli--your post reached Cricket mag!!! Good for you! I read Cricket when I was young, and I remember LOVING it. Evan loves those mags, too, they really stand the test of time. Looking forward to next week!! --Stefanie

The Cutsforth Family said...

Hi Karli,
I LOVE Cricket magazine as well! I was going to pass on another idea for the magazine when you are done reading it... we like to cut out our favorite pictures and use them for future projects. You could also make a matching game from the magazine pictures because a lot of the stories have similar characters/pictures. Once I make a matching game that Mason really likes, I just back it on cardstock and laminate it with clear contact paper. LOVE IT! Another way to teach recycling and resusing :) That is pretty cool that the magazine found your post!! Too cool! Keep reading - it is so good for their little minds!

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