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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is nearly here. The showers, sun breaks, and robins have announced its impending arrival, and my forsythia is in full bloom. But that's what's going on outdoors. Indoors? L is slowly getting better, but I'm still functioning as a single parent in many ways. The kids and I are doing fine, but by the end of the day, I'm exhausted. There are many things on my mind tonight, but somehow I don't feel like blogging about any of them at the moment. I'm just really, really tired. I want to look in the mirror again and not see swollen eyelids and dark circles. I need to get a haircut and color--maybe that will help. A few new things for my closet would be good, too. Lately, I haven't been fixing my hair or giving a second thought to what I wear in the morning. I'm super worn out, but I'm doing a good job.

P.S. Coincidentally enough, my Mom, Claudia, and Landon's Mom, Susan, both share a St. Patrick's Day birthday--Happy birthday to both of you!


Betsy said...

Oh, Karli! My thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family.

Claudia said...

Thank-You Karli!!!
I still listen to the message you and Samuel sent to me!! It was a very Happy, uplifting message under your circumstances!!
Samuel is so precious!!! and I can not believe how much Juniper is growing!!

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