Sunday, March 15, 2009
Our power went out today, and as I was flying through the house (yes, I fly now) setting clocks once again (geez, didn't we just do this LAST weekend), I discovered the hard drive on my iMac blew. Damn wind and rain today! I thought surge protectors were supposed to work? With my tech husband in the hospital, I tapped into the tech skills I acquired as a single girl--I read the manual. Damnit! Recommendations didn't do jack but wake the baby up.

Truth is, I'm a basket case tonight. Total basket. I have to wake up feeling better tomorrow or someone is going to find me in our backyard in the wind and rain sitting beneath the leaning oak tree holding my knees and rocking to this song:

"If there's something inside that you wanna say
Say it out loud it'll be okay . . . "

I wish it were only that simple.

BTW, on nights like tonight, blog posts like this one from Dooce get me through.


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