Constructing Raised Beds for My First Vegetable Garden

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sun breaks today allowed for the task I've been thinking about for weeks now--raised beds!

My handy husband (he can use a saw and a drill) felt up to helping me! I was very appreciative and glad he was able to spend most of the day with me and the kids.

We made two 3' x 8' beds using screws--very simple when you know how to use a saw and a drill (I do not).

I made Juniper sit in her stroller while Landon used the saw, and she wasn't too happy about that. As you can see, she fell in a friend's driveway last night, and scuffed up her face, poor thing.

No, she wasn't happy at all. At least with these pictures, you don't have to hear the sounds she was making.

This little girl really knows how to make a frown face. It's also obvious when she's completely faking it. I can't help but kiss her cheeks, even when she's frowning. Minutes later, she was playing in the dirt alongside Sam, although she could care less about the worms. Sam, on the other hand, cares quite a lot, and had a small pile by the time we were finished.

Here are my two raised beds, ready now for soil. We used untreated wood for an organic vegetable garden.

And here they are now filled with soil. I had hoped to use my own compost, but it wasn't quite ready due to the slow decomposition of the winter months, so I'll add to these beds as the spring and summer months go on (we'll be getting a nice chicken manure as well). I hauled eighteen bags of topsoil and compost up the stairs to our backyard. These beds are now ready for seeds!

My first vegetable garden--I am so excited!

The sun was setting, and even though time had run out, I couldn't help but get a few seeds planted. Tonight I planted two rows of chives and one row of basil (there will be more). Tomorrow I'll get to the rest, which will be peas, lettuce, beans, thyme, cilantro, Valerian root, and basil. I had hoped for tomatoes, but it's too late to plant seeds, so I'm going to pick up a couple of plants sometime this week.

What are you planting this year in your vegetable garden?


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, Karli--with everything going on, I'm sure doing this project (as big as it seems!) was probably quite therapeutic for you. Hmmm, what did I spend the sunny day doing? About 8 loads of laundry! Gasp. --Stefanie

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