Considering the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for Ulcerative Colitis

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I miss my husband. The picture above was taken by him a couple of months ago, and is one of my favorites.

He received a dose of the Remicade treatment today, and it will be at least 48 hours before we know if it will help him or not. Until then, he remains in the hospital, where they are working to keep his pain manageable without slowing down his GI tract, which is a common side effect of pain relief medication. He's lost a lot of weight. In fact, he's never been this thin since I've known him. He can't wait to go out and have a real dinner, and keeps mentioning sushi. I have more reading to do about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but since fish would be included in that diet (although I'm not sure about white rice), I'm thinking he deserves one hell of a sushi dinner once he gets through this.

I am starting to feel excited about trying this diet out, as well as other diets, to see if it positively affects L's health. There are a few things like coffee and alcohol that L has figured out contribute to the severity of his flares, and have even been known to bring one on, but in large part, he is unsure what else in his diet contributes to his disease. His doctors have always been adamant that diet and stress do not cause flares, but only makes them worse. We've always disagreed, and both feel that his disease is directly related to his diet and stress. In addition to changing his diet, we're also wondering if ongoing acupuncture treatment to reduce anxiety might also help to prevent flares. One thing's for sure--it can only help.

Hmmm, I have research to do. L will be home in a few days, and since he's on a liquid only diet, he's going to be hungry. I want to be ready to implement this diet as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Karli, wanted to check in on Landon before we fly out for surg. what about Elderberry extract? I use it in water, you buy it @ New Seasons. It is for a multitude of things, including colitis, but also for the immune sys. It's just fine, not nasty liek some of the things I take.

No breast ca just fyi, pre-pre w/ diffuse calcifications, apparently a walking time-bomb given my hx. No worries here, it will be all good, I will just look out of proportion. We leave Tues w/ surg on Thurs 7:30am.

Our prayers & good thoughts continue to go out for Landon.

Try the elderberry as well, couldn't hurt!

love to you!

Mindy & Jen

Kelli said...

Hi Karli,

I'm so sorry about Landon! I can't imagine having Carl out of the house and in the hospital for days... that has to be so stressful (on top of everything you guys are already going through).

Ulcerative colitis has a lot of similarities to celiac disease, which my mom, myself and two of my kids all have. We eat gluten-free, and it makes all the difference in the world. When the kids or I consume a little gluten (now that we've been off of it for about 7 months) we are SICK for days. So, although they are different diseases, I would strongly suggest trying to cut out carbs/gluten, etc., at least as a test to see if it helps. It is so amazing to me how our diet affects our lives.

Good luck! I hope Landon is better soon!

Anonymous said...

acupuncture is awesome. I can't say enough good things about what it has dome for me.

Glad he is better.

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