Coffee at 3PM

Monday, March 09, 2009

On our honeymoon in late June of 2002 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lately . . .

I've been daily craving a cup of coffee from the French press around 3PM exactly, although I never have before. Something about afternoon coffee almost tastes better than morning coffee, which is always imbibed with grogginess while simultaneously nursing a cranky little girl, who upon my waking in the mornings, can't seem to get to my nips fast enough. Coffee at 3PM gives me that boost right between one part of the day and the other, and my afternoon almost always drags between 2 and 4PM, at which point I start to prepare dinner and my evening energy kicks in. I think I've decided I'm not an early-morning person or a mid-afternoon person. But I am definitely a late-morning person and a late-night person. This must be why I always scheduled college classes between 10AM and 1PM and 7PM and 10PM. Those really are my prime hours. All other hours? It's the coffee and wine that get me through.


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