All Right

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Traveling west on Glisan tonight around a quarter to seven with the setting sun shining in my face I feel better than I have in what seems like a very long time. Two months is a relatively short period of time, but when you consider all that L and I have been through, it has been a long time indeed. He is just about back to his old self now, and the relief this brings to me is similar to how it felt to put down my backpack laden with heavy English textbooks after climbing four flights of stairs in Neuberger Hall at Portland State University or to push out either one of my two 9 + pound babies after many hours of labor.

It really feels over now, this nightmarish two months of job searching and sickness. It feels like I went to Hell, then woke up in my own bed, realizing that I hadn't died after all and that I can wake up now. Times of trial really do feel like a kind of hell that will never end. I must note for myself here that bad times don't last forever, and what's more, it is possible to come out on the other side. Life is finally getting back to normal--I can feel it--and I've made it to the other side!

To celebrate feeling that all is right once again in my world, I thought I'd embed "American Tune" by Paul Simon. My, oh my, he sure does look young and handsome in this video.

Now to take notice of Spring all around me--isn't it beautiful?


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