An Afternoon with Sam

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sam. My little boy is really changing lately since the passing of his fourth birthday. He's much more articulate all of a sudden, and I'm appreciating my time with him more and more. Today, just the two of us went out for a little coffee date to one of my favorite Sellwood coffee shops, The Twin Paradox, where I read him April's edition of Highlights High Five. He sat at the bar for awhile, eating his banana bread and drinking his açaí juice. He's been going to coffee shops with me since before he was born, and at this point, Sam appreciates them almost as much as I do.

Then we headed a little further southeast to Bob's Red Mill, a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time. We hope to return for a tour sometime this spring!

I came home with fresh coconut to make homemade macaroons, mung beans, teff, and blackstrap molasses. Strange choices, no? I couldn't resist the nutritional benefits found in these selections, and when I discovered blackstrap molasses has been known to remedy grey hair, well, I couldn't resist. After taking a spoonful this evening (yuk!), I'm not sure I can tolerate the recommended daily tablespoon, but I'm looking forward to trying it iced. I also can't wait to experiment with the mung beans and teff, and will keep you posted on how I use them. In the meantime, tomorrow is going to be all about cooking up some lovely little macaroons, my latest addiction. I think I'll start by trying Martha's Orange-Coconut Macaroons. Yum!


Jeremy said...

I love 4!! I'm amazed at how articulate Ian suddenly seems too. It's like things are clicking in his head and he's getting it... .whatever that may be. It's made for some fun conversations! Ha!

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