Vitamin D Makes Everything Seem Okay

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
It's the simple things, like a single crocus bloom, that makes me feel happy on days like today.

The sun is shining this morning, the groceries have been put away, dinner plans are underway, and the kids and I are getting ready to leave for an afternoon playdate with a friend. With the sun beckoning, I couldn't resist stepping outside this morning during Juniper's morning nap to take some pictures of the garden, which is just about to spring to life in a few short weeks. Spring will be here soon!

Breaking through the soil . . .

these tulips will be in full bloom soon.

Here's a happy little bulb reaching to the sun, which Sam helped me plant this past fall.

And here are two more that just arrived for the party.

Here's a SW view of my garden sporting its winter look. In a few weeks, I'll post another picture of my garden looking much more alive (hopefully, this will include a vegetable garden as well!). Spring is on its way!


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