Still Processing Landon's Upcoming Layoff

Wednesday, February 04, 2009
It's the day after the day we found out that Landon will be laid off around the beginning of April. Fortunately, if there is fortune to be found in a lay-off, he still has 2 months of employment to sort things out. I spent most of today feeling positive, but now that the kids are in bed, my anxiety has slowly crept back up to the surface, and I'm feeling emotional again. On top of all the unknowns, I'm feeling really sad about this great group of people no longer working together anymore. It's really hard for me to get my mind around this. I've always felt like this office was a really special group of incredibly gifted and intelligent people, many of whom we have become friends with and hope to remain so once everyone goes their separate ways. And so a good thing has come to an end, but I know there are other great things out there for us. There are many decisions to be made in the weeks ahead. I am saying prayers for wisdom and guidance for Landon and I, and hoping that somehow through the emotion and anxiety of this situation that we can make sound decisions in the days and weeks ahead.

Today was the first sunny day that really felt like spring to me, and cheered me up during the morning hours when I was unsure how I would feel today.

My friend Lovedrunk was so sweet and thoughtful this morning, coming by with a quad iced venti latte and chocolate old-fashioned doughnut, which really made my day. Coffee treats and visits from friends never cease to brighten my day.

I don't know what tomorrow or the next day will bring, and the news of Landon's office closing within two months on Tuesday is proof of the uncertainty of life. Landon and I were talking about how most of the best things that have happened to us were unplanned: both of our kids and finding this house, for example. I do believe in predestination, and wonder where life will take us next. Only time will tell.


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