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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Today was a full day. I've been grocery shopping, baking bread, holding a crying toddler as much as possible (turns out all that crying was for a reason as she came down sick this evening), and now I'm rushing through load after load of laundry, folding it, ironing shirts, and feeling like a tired Mom.

The two loaves of whole wheat sandwich bread I made tonight turned out okay, but I'm far from satisfied. There is still a lot to learn about making bread, but I did learn that "Joy of Cooking" isn't the recipe book I'll turn to for baking bread in the future! There are so many other good ones and "Joy of Cooking" left me hanging today on a couple of steps. Thank goodness Allie was online to give me a few tips. The bread I made will be good for sandwiches for a few days, but I will keep trying--I'm determined to make good bread!


Rachel Catriona said...

This pic is adorable!!

Chris is "pissed" he didn't see you this weekend. I didn't end up coming down so he is "pissed" at me too.

Love that you're baking bread. My brother and his wife bake a lot of bread, etc. He blogs all his meals:

Take care!

Rachel & Chris

Kelli said...

I had the same type of day -- only after washing all of the laundry and starting on ironing Carl's work clothes, my iron broke only two shirts into it!

Good luck with your bread making adventures. I've been going through the same thing, only with gluten-free bread, which is a whole different ball game!

Anonymous said...

Karli, try the Anerica's Test Kitchen cookbook- the baking one. This is by the Cook's Illustrated people. Jen loves both of their cookbooks.


Kate said...

You're so amazing, Karli!

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