So Long to Convenience

Monday, February 23, 2009

I really must get a clothesline installed by this summer. My friend Sue from book-club was just telling me last night how fresh her laundry is when it's been hung out to dry. Yet one more step towards a more sustainable and traditional life, energy conservation, and another way to save money during these tough economical times. Whether it's recycling all things plastic, hanging laundry to dry, or making my own bread, I've kissed convenience goodbye, officially, and am realizing more with each day that convenience is easier, but not better.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure fresh would be the word I would use for line-dried laundry. Crunchy, perhaps. I miss having a dryer and those fabric softener sheets. During spring and summer I don't mind not having a dryer, but let me tell you, in the winter, it's a pain in the ass! Where I live it's so humid at that time anyway and jeans and larger items take forever to dry! I suppose it does help me stay on top of the laundry though because it takes longer to get it all done and I don't want to get stuck with no clean clothes for the kids because they are not dry yet. Also I don't have to deal with clothes shrinking as much.

Ok, rant over. Having a dryer is truly a convenience I miss.

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