Sam's 4th Birthday Party!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Look at how big my boy is now.

He's turning 4 years old on Tuesday, February 10th.

We celebrated by throwing a party with a few of his little boy friends this morning.

But before that, Landon took the kids to a Saturday morning indoor play-park so I could get everything ready.

Before long, they were back from the play-park, Sam's friends had arrived, and his dinosaur-themed party had begun.

After about thirty minutes of play-time, I made the boys a gluten-free/dairy-free lunch (one of Sam's friends is on this particular diet), but none of the boys ate much. They were too excited for their cupcakes (also gluten-free, dairy-free).

This party was really all about the T-Rex.

After lunch and cupcakes, it was time to play "Pin the Tooth on the T-Rex." The boys were SO excited.

The winner was to receive a wooden dinosaur from Spielwerk. There's Sam, placing his tooth on the poster. Can you guess who won the prize? The birthday boy!

After opening presents, all the boys had fun playing with the great gifts from Sam's friends.

We had to stop for a minute for a quick official photo, but Sam couldn't take his eyes of the fun he was having with his friends.

Landon read one of Sam's favorite dinosaur books, The Dinosaurs Next Door, then the boys all colored a computer-print out of a T-Rex.

It was a great little party, and one I hope Sam will remember. If not, here are some videos that might one day spark his memory.

Here's Sam, informing his friends that they can lick their cupcake, which is exactly what they did.

Dylan is telling me how he's going to be a T-Rex when he gets home.

I am posting this even though it is the very proof everyone needs to declare me as one who just can't sing. I've never been able to carry a tune!

Landon reading the boys "The Dinosaurs Next Door."

Happy 4th Birthday, Sam! Looking forward to your preschool party on Monday, and to your actual birthday on Tuesday. We love you very much!


Jeremy said...

What amazing pictures! They look like they had so much fun. I know Ian did... he talked about it the rest of the day. Thank you for having such a great party!

Claudia said...

Thank-You for sharing those photo's Honey! I can not believe he is 4 yrs. It looks like he had a really great time.

Dale said...

Karli, your hair is too cute!!!

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