Picking Up is How I Spend Most of My Time

Monday, February 09, 2009

I spent an hour of my evening cleaning up this particular mess, because each of those cards are filed consecutively. What did I get out of the time she spent creating this mess? A balanced checkbook.

Meanwhile, Sam celebrated his 4th birthday with his preschool class today. Of course, he sat by his best friend Garrett. They do everything together at preschool. Their favorite game? Animal role play, which Sam refers to as "talking animals."

A room that has been picked up is the new clean.

We're hanging in there, but the unknowns are hard to cope with at times. Not sure where we'll be going from here. Moving is not out of the question in this economy. I'm taking the recent news of the upcoming closure of the office location where Landon works one day at a time. I have thought through every possible scenario I can think of, but really, all I can do is wait and see what life has for us next.


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