Lessons in Bread Making, Part II

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Oh, my! Have three days really flown by since my last post? I actually have posts to add for those dates, which I will do in a few minutes if Juniper will sleep longer than thirty minutes at a time (poor girl is sick w/ a cold/cough). This is shoring up to be another long night.

I've been making bread now for about a month (see "Lessons in Bread Making, Part I", but I'm still dissatisfied with all the loaves I've made so far. It seems I no sooner tackle one problem and I realize another. New this week: I'm now adding vital gluten for a better crumb. My previous loaves were much too dense, so I'm happier with the loaves now that I'm adding a couple tablespoons of vital gluten to each batch of dough.

I found the blog Home Baked Bread tonight googling for help on kneading tonight, and found her tutorial and posts on bread making to be helpful. The writer, Susan Och, writes beautifully about the art of traditional bread making:

Time spent kneading is very much like time spent in deep thinking. You stretch thoughts and fold them over on themselves until myriad elements take on a new identity of their own.

I'm not sure how much time I have before Juniper's next waking, so on to those other posts I've been meaning to catch up on . . .


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