Inspired to Walk or Ride, Whenever Possible

Sunday, February 22, 2009
Cafe mama just inspired me with her recent post titled "life with kids, and without a car, ignited." You see, this is why I read blogs. For posts like this one, which stretch my thinking and open my mind to new possibilities, new ways of living.

I'm finding lately I'm most drawn to a manner of living that is grounded in tradition, simplicity, and sustainability. Because of this, I can almost picture a car-less life, because giving up a car isn't too far off from so many other ways in which I've found a happier existence by giving up on convenience. Plus, I have people like cafe mama (mother of three boys), Anna E. (fellow book-club member who rides in rain, snow, and sun to make our west-side Portland book-club meetings), and a little SE Portland bike store called Clever Cycles that inspire me to ride. I don't know if I'm ready to part with my Honda quite yet, but one thing's for certain, blog posts like cafe mama's convince me that living a car-less life can be done, and with pleasure.


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