How Juniper Was Today

Thursday, February 05, 2009
Today was interesting.

Right after I'd poured my morning coffee, opened my lap-top, and sat on the couch to catch up on the many thousand blog entries that have accumulated in my neglected Google Reader, Juniper crawled up and laid down next to me and FELL ASLEEP. I wasn't nursing her. I wasn't holding her. She just randomly fell asleep, only 20 minutes or so after she had woken up. I knew then that she must not be feeling well.

Then she woke up, crawled down from the couch, and started playing as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

During Sam's soccer class, she just wanted me to hold her on my lap while I sat on the bleachers, a rare occurrence. Further proof that she was not feeling well. At her age, after only walking for five weeks, she wants to be down on the ground and walking unless she wants to be nursing. Once she has been weaned, I wonder if she'll want me to hold her at all (I'm half joking, but only half).

Then there was lunch with my sister, her treat. Juniper once again sat on my lap for an hour while I ate and talked and completely ignored her. She just sat and listened. Oddly enough, Sam did, too. He was pretty mesmerized by the $25.00 check my sister gave to him for his 4th birthday coming up next week. I think he felt pretty important when he saw that his name was written on the check. He wanted me to tell him what everything on the check said after that.

When we got home, Juniper took a 40 minute nap, and then the fussiness began. No more lethargy. She seemed okay on my hip, but I had dinner to cook. This is frequently the most busy and stressful part of my day--getting dinner on the table. I know you can all relate; this is nothing new.

Landon went out with a friend tonight, and since it was Sam's swimming night, I took both kids into the locker room (not an easy task). But once again, she sat on the bench while I changed Sam, not once expressing interest at exploring the locker room in her zip-up pj's. Even though she was being a passive little girl, I was so relieved when my friend Jen, whose boys are also taking the swimming class, not only held her, but pretty much took over watching her for me so I could watch Sam. She also listened to me prattle on and on about Landon's upcoming lay-off, and all my thoughts on the matter. She is such a good friend!

I've never had a day quite like this with Juniper. She was really not herself, but in a pleasant way, and that's a rarity. Usually when she is sick (which fortunately hasn't been too often), she is extremely fussy. Today, she just wanted to be near me. I appreciated spending that time with her.

Since I've recently been reminded once again that I am not in control of my life, I do wonder what tomorrow will bring. I hope it is something good.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Karli--sorry to hear sweet little Juni wasn't feeling up to par. I came home last night and Emma was sick, too. Her nose running like a faucet yet still stuffed up. Poor thing could barely sleep and had a hard time eating today. As with Juniper, Emma's not been sick much. We have her 1 yr appt Monday. Go snuggle with your girl and take care. --Stefanie

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