Getting Ready for Sam's Birthday Party

Friday, February 06, 2009

I've been getting ready for Sam's dinosaur-themed birthday party tomorrow, and he is very excited. Sam's old enough now to have actual friends, so we're only inviting a few of his friends over this year (as opposed to the whole playgroup in years past), which makes it more manageable and affordable (hello, upcoming lay-off!). We're doing a drop-off party, and my hope is that by reducing the amount of people in the house, the party will be more focused on Sam and less on entertaining many people. I have an itinerary planned, the cupcakes are baked (Sam helped!), the frosting blended, and the house organized. Landon is taking the kids to the indoor play-park tomorrow morning before the party, and I'm looking forward to two hours in a quiet house with hot coffee before Sam's 3 hour party begins. After that, I'll be ready! Stay tuned for pictures and video in tomorrow's post. Goodnight!


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