The End of a Week

Friday, February 20, 2009

During Juniper's nap this afternoon, I was able to get out briefly in the warm sun (yes, warm) to re-pot my two surviving pepper plants, seeds Sam and I planted last fall.

All it took was a small bag of potting soil, and now I can't wait to get back out into the garden again.

These two little pepper plants were completely root-bound, and will be much happier in their new pots.

I had planned to visit my old friends Trinka and Amy this afternoon, friends I haven't seen in way too long (Amy hasn't even met Juniper yet!), but as fate would have it in these cases, I had to call and cancel. When I picked up Sam from preschool, I realized he was breathing rapidly and noticed retractions along his rib cage, which meant he was struggling to breathe, so instead of spending the afternoon visiting my long-lost friends, I ended up at the doctor's office with the whole family. Turns out Sam's respiratory distress is mild, so as of right now, he doesn't need a nebulized or oral medication. I am going to monitor him closely tonight, however, because he sounds just like he did this past November when he came down with asthma symptoms which were triggered from a bad chest cold. Sam's had countless colds in his life, but only the November cold and this one have brought on rapid breathing, coughing, and retractions.

Then there's Juniper, who is keeping me constantly busy these days. She's learned to crawl on top of the table (this picture was taken before dinner tonight). So far, there hasn't been any big incidents (Sam took the cake on that one), but it's dangerous, so I'm constantly pulling her down. Moving the chairs doesn't work, because she just pushes them into place. She thinks it's funny to get a reaction from me, so she crawls up there, then laughs as I come running. I must come up with some other games that I can play with her, because "Pull the Baby Off the Table" isn't really one of my favorites.

Looking forward to sharing what I learn tomorrow at the Green Cleaning Class offered by Oregon Center for Environmental Health. A few other moms in my moms' group are taking it as well. Should be interesting!


Betsy said...

Oh, Karli, I feel your pain! Olivia hasn't attempted the dining room table yet, but she has mastered our coffee table and has also attempted to jump off it. Twice. Luckily I was there both times, but she's completely fearless and I think she'd do it if I wasn't there! She goes right to the edge, laughs and then 'leaps'. She also laughs her head off whenever I tell her 'no' and have to head over to her to stop her from doing something. Aren't girls such stinkers??

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