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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Landon took these pictures this weekend and I thought I would share them here. Can you believe we're halfway to March already? Spring is only 5 weeks away, and the warmer afternoons we've had lately have me looking forward to more sunshine.

This little girl found the place I keep the necklace Sam made for me last year on Mother's Day. Landon caught her taking it down from where it hangs on a little nail with my wall calendar. I've been finding it lately on the floor upstairs, and have put it back several times, thinking I must have given it to Juniper to play with, as I've frequently done the past few months. Now that I think about it, she's been getting up there and pulling it down. Silly little girl. I love that she is drawn to necklaces. This is not something I've encouraged, as she has grown up so far in a house full of trucks, dinosaurs, and trains. She is somehow instinctively drawn to necklaces, has a fascination with my purse and her clothes, and loves to push baby dolls around in strollers. How interesting to see these gender differences between my two children at such a young age--proof that many of these things are hard-wired! Sam has never been the least interested in any of those things. At her age, we would go down to the local construction site and he'd happily watch the diggers at work (his favorite thing at the time). I think I could come up with a pretty good argument against the theory of tabula rasa at this point, which is humorous to me as I fully bought into it in college.

Full day planned for tomorrow: a morning of catching up on reading for book-club at a coffee shop, a walk along the Eastbank Esplanade with the family while Sam rides his bike, then Coraline with Sam in the afternoon (although, I'm still debating on whether or not it is too scary for him--what do you think?). My warm bed is calling . . . more later.


Anonymous said...


I was told by a friend her daughter age 5 was terrified & they left. She even suggested that we preview it before letting Sophie see it which I think we'll do.


Aviva said...

I'm totally with you on some things being hardwired in these kids. I don't know if it's entirely a gender thing, or just a personality thing. But I know I never imagined that a daughter of mine would turn out to be such a girly girl! I sure wasn't!

I think it's great when we as parents can let go of our assumptions just embrace our kids for being whoever they are. And I know you definitely do that with Sam and Juniper!!

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