An Off Day

Wednesday, January 07, 2009
I'm not quite sure what today was all about, but it started with me tripping over Sam's foot as we were heading down the concrete stairs to the car, and I fell hard on my knees, skinning them both, and sent my lap-top and Juniper flying. I held onto Juniper as long as I could, so she fell to the ground from less than 2', but she hit her head on the sidewalk, and was really scared. This fall could have been so much worse, so I'm grateful Juni and I walked away with scratches, and not anything more serious. It was pouring down rain and in my rush to the car to sit down and make sure Juniper was okay, I had completely forgotten about my lap-top on the puddled sidewalk. It seems okay, but sustained a few scratches. Thank-goodness those things are built well. Later, dinner was a disaster--DISASTER! I followed a recipe for a broccoli and cheese soup from a blog I won't link to here, because I actually love the blog, but this recipe was a complete disaster. The soup was coming along great until I added the pound of Tillamook cheese it called for. I tried to add it slowly, giving it time to melt, but it wasn't even five minutes after I started adding the cheese that I realized there was one huge cheese-ball with broccoli mixed in and turkey stock surrounding it. It was awful! The whole thing had to be thrown out, and then things got tense between Landon and I, probably because we were both hungry and dinner hadn't turned out. To make matters worse, before I tossed the soup, I burned my arm on the pot! I felt miserable, the kids needed attention, Landon was in the office with the door closed, and the kitchen was a big mess with dishes on every counter. In the end, I blame the recipe. I don't think any soup can turn out with a pound of melted Tillamook cheese thrown in, unless you're going for a fondue. Luckily, a couple of hours later, both the kids were asleep, Landon and I had apologized to each other for the stress, and we were watching Netflix, while I sipped on a glass of red wine. And then something happened that I never expected, making everything else about today seem okay in a way--Juniper SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Yes, I think there is a God.


The Ferriter Family said...

That is so great!!!! Glad she slept throught the night!!

Kerrie said...

Awesome post, Karli!

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