Not Even 32 and Life is Better Already

Monday, January 05, 2009
I just got home from book-club to a dark house and a sleeping family. I am heading to bed myself, but first had to turn on the office light to gaze at and run my fingers along my new piano, a Yamaha M460, which we purchased at Classic Pianos (place to go for pianos, they're the best). We purchased it on Saturday, and it was delivered late this afternoon, just before I left for book-club. I hope to post pictures of my new birthday present tomorrow. The piano and I are still in the honeymoon phase, so I don't know how long or detailed my blog posts will be this week, but I promise to still write every day. Oh, and before I go--if you haven't yet read Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger is an excellent read. Off to bed now . . . when I wake up, I will be 32. I like the sound of that year already (literally).


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