Saturday, January 10, 2009

My friend Jen bought me a Pacifica Avalon Juniper soy candle and natural soap for my birthday, and I love what the packaging says about Juniper, the name I chose for my little girl:
Fire and Ice
Juniper is powerful and mysterious.
Thriving in the icy regions of Northern
Europe, it is considered magical and
has been used throughout time to usher
in and out the months of winter.
Tempered with the slight scent of earthy
grapefruit and the watery notes of
heliotrope, this blend is a play between
light and dark, fire and ice, and the realms
of the spirit and physical worlds.

Jen told me many Europeans use Juniper trees for indoor Christmas trees during the holidays. When I chose this name, I did so for many reasons, one of which was that I thought it sounded festive. I didn't know it was used as a Christmas tree! Originally, I thought she would be born in November, but when she was born nearly two weeks late on December 10th, I thought her name was even more perfect as it has a festive sound to it. I love that it is believed that Juniper ushers in the months of winter, as Juniper was born just 11 days before Winter Solstice. It really is the perfect name for her in so many ways. The name Juniper came to me when I was newly pregnant, and I was never able to shake it off. Her middle name Octavia, a Roman name, has musical connotations. We didn't know if she would be musical when we chose it (this is still a mystery), but so far, Juniper seems to love music. She plays music quite often on the bongo drums, the xylophone, the piano, and loves to watch Landon play the guitar and fiddle. It's interesting not only to see her grow into her name, but to learn what her name symbolizes and means, which has been perfect considering her time of birth and personality. So, here's to powerful and mysterious, Juniper--qualities I see in you already. Happy 13 months!


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