I'm Back and Blogging is Here to Stay

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Taking a break for the past couple of weeks has made me realize how much blogging has become a part of my life, and how much I've really missed it. I won't be giving it up for a long while yet. Part of what got me started on blogging was not wanting to forget all the days, weeks, and months that make up my life, and somehow wanting to remember got me writing in the form of blogging way back in 2003, and then my online journal became something more than a journal--it became an outlet for self-expression and inward reflection, as well as a desire to encourage and connect with other writers and readers within the blogging community, and now, it's what I do. Sometimes I wonder if it's what I really want to be doing with part of my day, but taking a little break these past two weeks has made me want to blog even more . . . and to become better at it. Blogging has become a way of living for me; blogging stops me in my tracks at some point during the day, allowing time for me to reflect on the meaning, the beauty, and the purpose in the things I do. There are days where I don't necessarily have something in my day to blog about, and those are days I go looking (camera in hand) for something meaningful, something beautiful, something worth stopping to look at. Blogging can be about reflection, but it can also be about capturing something meaningful that you did or made and wanting to share with others in an instructive way. I think the thing, though, that keeps me blogging year after year is it keeps me searching, and that's a state of being I hope to never let slip away from me, for it's the searching that leads to finding, bringing beauty and meaning to our lives.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on moving my blog to its own domain name, and have hired a designer (the lovely Seventy and Sunny) to create a new header for my blog to go along with its new name (as much as I'd love to design the header myself, there just isn't time in the day for everything). It will probably be 2 to 3 weeks before my blog is moved, and at that time, blogger will redirect you to the new site, so make sure to update all your links when this change takes place.

I'm excited about all the new things I will be learning in the weeks to come, things I hope will become a way of life for me. There are raised vegetable beds to build, bread to knead and bake, a kitchen to paint, and a garden that has awaited my presence patiently over the past two years while I was pregnant and caring for a newborn and baby, who is now nearly 14 months and very much an independent toddler, chasing after her brother and growing up way too fast.

Last night, I met Andrea and Annagrace for drinks and appetizers at The Sapphire Hotel. While driving over, I was listening to Etown on NPR, and really loved this song by Griffin House. For some reason, I can picture my friends Matty and Jody singing this one.

Stay safe, stay warm, and thanks for reading.


Kelli said...

It's so funny you posted this song. Carl and I downloaded the Griffin House CD on iTunes the other day, and I've been listening to it almost obsessively ever since. I LOVE them! I listened to this at work last night and enjoyed how relaxing and peaceful their music is.

Glad you're back!

Beetles and Bees said...

What a coincidence! I'll have to check out their CD!

Claudia said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging.
It keeps me connected to you and know what you are thinking and what you are up to.
Also keeps me up to date with the little kid-lets!!
Love you honey!!!

Claudia said...

Yes, I like the song also!

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