Two Days After Christmas

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I inspected some of the plants in my garden today, and was sad to see that I lost a few. My garden never looks the same from year to year. Each year, new plants are added, and others are replaced that don't make it for one reason or another. It seems as though I've lost one or two Hebes with this recent freeze (maybe more) and my new Gaura plants and a three-year old beautiful patch of Penstemon is gone now as well. At worst, it's completely gone, and at best, it will come back from the roots once I've completely cut it back. I will have to wait and see on some of the others I suspect I've lost--hopefully my suspicions are proven wrong.

Juniper still prefers to crawl, and I've kept her indoors due to her cough/cold for the past week until today, when we ran a few errands, returned a few Christmas gifts, and ate lunch and picked up a few groceries at New Seasons. I found out why she's been waking up at night so frequently--she is cutting all four of her 1-year molars. They had started to work their way up a couple of months ago, then seemed to stop. Now they are cutting through in full force with her gum tissue bulging in one place in particular. Poor little girl! She seems to be feeling less painful now that I know what the issue is and have been treating her accordingly with Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Tylenol. Her cough seems to be better now, too.

There was a great wind storm last night that brought lots of warmer air and rain from the South, so much of the snow melted away over night and during the day. When we were downtown today, there were giant piles of black snow with cigarette butts and garbage mixed in. Such a contrast to the falling white powder that provoked feelings of happiness and peace in me only a few days ago. Sam said to me while we were walking to Macy's, "Mommy, I only like it when the snow is white." Such a simple statement, but so true, and I'm thankful the blackish snow is melting in a hurry with the warmer weather. Once it is gone, I will anticipate the next snow storm, but for now, I've had a sufficient experience with it to last for a few weeks, I think.

Juniper is surprising me with her choices in books lately. She is drawn to books about Thomas the Tank Engine and books about machines. Part of me cringes at the idea of reading the Thomas books again. The plots in these books are usually pretty annoying. Someone says something James doesn't like, he pouts for awhile, and then somehow Thomas saves the day. Other Thomas books are about the trains fighting over who gets to make the top-priority delivery to Sir Topham Hat, a fat old man with a bald head that is rather demanding of his trains. Usually the other trains fail at their missions and need rescuing, at which point Thomas never fails to save the day. Thomas, always with a big smile on his face, becomes the hero by the end of nearly every story, and James, usually the object of the other trains' jokes, is usually frowning, but learning to be less grumpy. Then there are the books on machines. Landon and I spent many hours weekly with Samuel going over the different names of machines and all their parts. Samuel was fascinated and never tired of these books. So, despite the parts of me that feel like cringing, I do make a conscious effort to open these books once again--this time for Juniper--and try to be patient, because Juniper will only be one once, and these months and years pass by so quickly.


Claudia said...

I agree with you about the books - they do seem to do a lot of pouting, but maybe that is because at some young ages they do tend to pout if things don't go their way.

I'm suprised about what Samuel said and you will have to tell him what Nana said in your blog yesterday before I read today's.

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