Turkey is in the Fridge!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today started off with wondering whether or not I would be walking four miles one way to get our turkey, then quickly changed when I went outside and asked our neighbor, a big time 4-wheel enthusiast, who likes to take his SUV for a spin as frequently as possible, if he'd give me a lift to the store. He was happy to, as he was going himself, so I bundled up and went for a crazy ride in his SUV that at times felt a little scary, especially when he drove up onto a drift and got stuck. His wife said it was like a scene out of "Children of the Corn" as six people immediately came running with shovels. People have definitely been helping each other out in this storm. It's great to see.

In the end, I was able to bring home $200.00 in groceries, as well as a turkey, which wasn't the one I ordered, but since the Mountain Park New Seasons was pretty much impossible to get to, even with chains and 4-wheel drive, I bought a free-range turkey from Market of Choice. My neighbors also stopped off at the liquor store, so I've now replenished my supply of rum, and with the bourbon, wine, and beer I already have on hand, I think we're set for Christmas!

There's supposed to be a new storm that will move in on Christmas Eve, lasting until Christmas Day, so we're about to have the whitest Christmas ever here in Portland. I'm making a conscious effort to slow myself down and have fun with it while it lasts. It's so easy to become anxious for life to return to usual, but I know when the snow melts away (will this be called "The Big Melt"?), that I'll miss it when its gone. Having said that, Sam has missed out on two weeks of preschool. Too bad they don't credit back snow days--that's nearly $100.00 in tuition expenses!

Tomorrow I will be baking and cooking for Christmas dinner. I'm bummed we can't travel down to McMinnville for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and celebration with my family, but we're still snowed in. Both of our Hondas are nearly buried in a giant drift. Our road is impassable unless you have chains, which we don't, and speaking of chains, the city has sold out, and they are still required. With a new storm moving in tomorrow, there are many reasons to stay home, stay safe, and celebrate Christmas with Landon and the kids. Landon's parents will hopefully be able to bus over Christmas morning for our traditional Christmas Day celebration at our house, and our friend Gay will be walking down from her house near Hillsdale. Neither Landon's parents nor Gay can get their cars out of their neighborhoods either, so they are all playing it safe by taking public transit or walking.

I promised Sam we would sled down Corbett hill tomorrow morning (Landon took him down for the first time today (see picture above), and said it was the best sledding he's ever done) before I start cooking, so I'm off to bed early tonight. All the walking I've been doing the past few days has me feeling exhausted. In addition, Juniper has been getting up every night for a few hours, so I'm one tired Mama.

I imagine most of us will be spending a fair amount of time tomorrow in the kitchen. Turn on your favorite Pandora station and celebrate Christmas and one of the greatest December snowfalls quite possibly in Portland's history if we exceed 15.5 inches with tomorrow's storm. We've already had 14.5 inches, so this month's snowfall just might set a new record. It has all been very exciting and beautiful to see.


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