Simple Holiday Wreath

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I made a trip to Michael's today with the kids to pick up some supplies for printing and cutting calendars and stationary for holiday gifts, thanks to the brilliance of Little Brown Pen. I've always liked the grapevine wreaths at Michael's, so I picked one up today, along with some cranberry garland and a chickadee. When I got home, I cut a few stems from our holly tree to add a little greenery. I have some pine cones on our back porch I thought I might use, but once I got the garland, the stems, and the bird on, I decided it looked complete. With what little time I have this holiday season, this works for me, and I like the simple design. A woman I ran into at Michael's was going to put Christmas bulbs all over hers, an idea she got from Good Housekeeping, but I prefer a natural wreath that looks festive on its own (although I admit it's unlikely a chickadee would choose to perch on our wreath).
Juniper watched me hang the wreath and pointed at the bird. She and Felix, our Himalayan cat, are good friends these days, and follow each other around constantly. Juniper is so close to walking. She took a few steps down in Oakland, but I haven't seen her do so since. She seems completely content to crawl around, but I know she will be walking before I know it. We will celebrate her first birthday one week from today. It's hard to believe, I know.


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