Picture Day

Saturday, December 06, 2008

December is flying by, so today we went down to the waterfront to take some pictures for our Christmas cards. Let me tell you--getting four people to look at the camera and smile is no easy feat, especially when two of those people are small children and the other two are trying to get those small children to look at the camera and smile. I think we got a picture we can use, which is pretty amazing when you think about it, and also a big relief, because I wasn't too keen on going back for round 2 tomorrow.

Speaking of amazing--we were leaving for a Christmas party this evening when Landon discovered his wallet was missing. Now, one thing about Landon is he is horrible at finding things. It could be something like his book, and he will look and look, finally giving up. Then I'll look and within a minute or two, I'll find it near where he was last reading. I'm constantly finding things for Landon. Well, tonight I tried to get him to retrace his steps and he said he was certain he'd misplaced his wallet at home. Well, I know the house like the back of my hand, and after scanning each room, I knew it wasn't at home. I knew he had left it at the park. So, after the Christmas party, despite Landon's reluctance, I drove us all to Walgreen's to buy a few flashlights, and we went back to the park where we took our pictures this afternoon to look for his wallet in the dark. The flashlights were lame, and even I was unsure if we'd see it or if it would even still be there. Well, of all things, not only did we spot it in the dark, but it was sitting right where he'd set it down while taking pictures. On the way to the park, Landon said he would never be so careless as to set his wallet down. He said that was something he would never do. On the way home, he had to admit that a) I'm right most of the time and b) the only explanation for his wallet being left on a rock was that he was getting older and more forgetful. Hmmm, I don't know about b), but I know when it comes to finding things that a) is right for sure.


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