Juniper's First Birthday

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You wanted crackers more than cake and the ribbons more than your presents, but what a great little birthday party we had with your grandparents, Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Sam who all love you very much. You are such a special little girl, Juniper Octavia, and we are so glad you came into our family one year ago today. My how you've grown and changed.

Part of me knows what's in store for your second year of life. Walking, talking, weaning (but that also means you get your own SIGG bottle!), and hopefully, if I'm lucky, sleeping more during the night (although it took your brother three years to do that). I also know you are a unique little girl much different from your brother, so part of me knows next year is still very much a mystery. I wonder more than I know.

I wonder how you will change, what your interests will be, what will draw your attention.

I do know that right now your favorite thing is going through my purse, so I got you your very own for your first birthday. You loved it right away.

You were mildly amused with your cupcake, which looked just like the larger strawberry lemonade torte that we all enjoyed. After poking your fingers in it for a few minutes you pointed at the crackers, saying "nana" which is your made-up word for food.

Happy first birthday, Juniper Octavia.


Anonymous said...

Karli, I almost started crying I miss her so much!! ;) Tracy

Beetles and Bees said...

We had a fun party, but of course it wasn't the same without Juni's Aunt Tracy!

Jeremy said...

So precious! She is just so beautiful. Happy happy first birthday Juni!

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture. Don't you just wonder what they are thinking when they dive into cake for the first time? Happy 1st, dear Juniper! --Stefanie

femminismo said...

Karli, Are you in Hillsboro? I visited Lynn Hoppe's blog and the blog roll on the side showed all Hillsboro blogs. I'm in Hillsboro and am just interested in seeing how many bloggers there are. - jeanne

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