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Friday, December 12, 2008
There are many songs that have become stuck in my head over the years. Take this one for instance:

And this one, although the music video is out of control:

And this one:

None of these songs compare, however, to the horrible They Must Be Giants' theme song to Disney's Higglytown Heroes, which plays on repeat in my brain and didn't come with a pause button. I really need this song out of my head . . . immediately!

Here in Higglytown
Things all jump around
Just like the Higglytown heroes
(Our heroes)
They all work together
Making fun together
Come see the Higglytown heroes

Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip and Fran
All hop and pop around
Soon they'll learn about real heroes
Who and why and how

Here in Higglytown
We'll all jump around
And meet the Higglytown heroes
(Our heroes)
We'll all work together
Having fun together
With all the Higglytown heroes
Let's all play together
Save the day together
Come join the Higglytown heroes

Oh, and last but not least, happy birthday to my long-time and dear friend, Sharla. Love you!


The Ferriter Family said...

Sadly...this plays in my head all too often.

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